Sugar Pine Ranch is located at 3,200 feet above sea level, east of San Francisco and above the west-side foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is the perfect elevation to enjoy all four seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall, making SPR an enjoyable location all year around. Not only is Highway 120 open throughout the year to Yosemite Valley, and within the temperate zone of central California, we are also located in the range of color, evergreens, and bio-diversity.

Guests and visitors experience the best seasonal climate, the best seasonal changes, that California has to offer. From snow covered winter vistas to fall colors in golden yellow and crimson red, nestled amongst a wild range of green shades. And with cooler nights and crystal clear fresh air, night skies come alive with sparkling abundance. The Milky Way pops to life, satellites drift through the sea of stars on ebony moonless nights. When the moon is big, full and bright white, you can see through the forest, you can see the deer grazing with the silhouettes of giant evergreens and tangled oaks as its back drop. The moon is so clear on many evenings you can almost count craters visible amongst the gray shadows of lunar mountains.

Spring (and early summer) is of course a painter’s pallet of colors and art forms. From miniature Sierra flowers, of all shapes and sizes, to pink Red Bud and white Dogwood blossoms, green fields of wild grass, infant animals exploring their new world, and flowing streams — you can feel the flow of nature’s rebirth throughout your senses.

The summer is hot during the day, but cools down in late afternoon. Day trips to the high country are cool and pleasant. River wading, rafting and swimming bring welcome relief. All sorts of animals are at play and at work, enjoying the warmer climate, eating, and storing food for winter. Birds seem to be everywhere, and signing their hearts out. Some are cruising high in the sky looking for food below, and others are just learning to fly. At night, the bats come out to sweep clean the air of insects, and the nightshift of hungry mammals sneak quietly out to eat. All summer, beautiful butterflies drift about from place to place, aeoodessent dragonflies glide around looking for water, and by summer’s end and early fall praying mantises’ show off their prehistoric form and peculiar posture.

Fall is for many the most breath taking. Fall colors completely change to light up the landscape. Oaks turn yellow, Aspens golden, and other trees turn bright red. Toad stools and mushrooms of all sorts, colors, sizes and shapes sprout up through the forest floor. The smell of fresh cut wood signals the onset of winter, and the gathering of fire wood for winter’s chill. Fall usually comes with a dusting of snow during December. Temperatures drop into the low 30s or 20s. And the forest life cycle moves into its next episode of seasonal life with the shedding of oak leaves and casting of pine needles.

During winter, it seems unusually quite awaking from a good night’s sleep. Odd as it seems, you can here silence — the sound of falling snow flakes, or perhaps a muffled world under a blanket of crystal white snow. Outside your cozy cottage, patches of snow let loose from towering tree branches, and cascade down into smoky veils of mist on gentle breezes. The scene outside seems surreal, like being inside a snow globe – a gentle, delicate, romantic and beautiful place to be – inside your own little comfortable world of warm thoughts and loving memories.

WECOME TO OUR WORLD. Welcome to seasonal views of Sugar Pine Ranch and our area