sugar pine ranch policies

Please read our policies. Knowing them will help us better meet your lodging requirements. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call before making your reservation. We accept U.S. currency (cash) and credit cards (or debit cards that transact as credit cards,) including American Express, Dinners Club, Discover Card, Master Card, and Visa. When you book or reserve a room you have agreed to these policies.

In Summary Your guaranteed reservation is your agreement with these policies. We reserve the right to add or change policies at any time. We reserve the right to refuse service for noncompliance. Charges maybe incurred for noncompliance, such as a one night room rate fee for each room rented. Some services are seasonal in nature (such as serving breakfast, pool availability for swimming, and hiking trails,) and their availability should be verified before requesting a reservation.

Check-in is from 3:00pm to 9:00pm – check-out is by 11:00am. No late arrivals past 10:30pm.

Breakfast is only served during the prime season May 20th thru September 15th, and must be confirmed at check-in by 8:30pm the night before.


No exceptions, the maximum number of people per room is 2 except for cottage 4 and 5, and Unit 8. The maximum occupancy for cottage 4 is 3 people, for cottage 5 is 5 people or 6 people with two small children, and Unit 8 is 4 people.

Note: A child (of any age) is a person, and counts towards maximum occupancy.

Room rates are double occupancy, except cottage 5, which is for 4 people, and unit 8 is for 3 people.

Rooms 4, 5 and 8 can accommodate one extra person; extra persons are $15 if under 12 years old, or $20 for 12 and older.

Room rates do not include a per day taxable $4.65 energy surcharge, or 10% room tax. During prime season there is a taxable $4.75 regulatory compliance surcharge.

Note: There are no TV’s, refrigerators, or kitchenettes. We have a community refrigerator on our back porch available from 7:00am to 10:00pm.

Fees apply to cancellations, early departures, and for reserving a room and not showing up.

There are fees for violating policies, lost keys, property damage, missing property, and excessively soiled or stained amenities, including bath and bed linens, and carpets.

Wi-Fi is optional – $3.49 per stay per room.

Detailed Policies

1. Room Rates: $99 – $217 per room night. Rates are based on double occupancy (except for Cottage 5 and Unit 8), and include a light continental breakfast in season. Additional charges include $15.00 per night for children under 12 years old, and $20.00 per night for additional persons 12 years and older.

a. Maximum Room Capacity: The quoted, stated or posted room capacity or “Maximum Occupancy” is the limit on the most number of people (adults plus children) that can stay in the room – No Exceptions. The current maximum capacities for rooms 1, 2, 3, 6 and 9 are 2 people; for room 4 it’s 3 people, for 5 it’s 5 people or 6 (with two small children,) and for 8 it’s 4 people.

b. Children and Infants: For guest peace-of-mind, and the safety and welfare of children, NO CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS OLD are allowed at Sugar Pine Ranch. Exceptions must be approved by management at the time reservations are made.

c. Breakfast: A light continental breakfast is brought to guest rooms while seasonal rates (May 20th through September 15th) are in affect. Breakfast is brought to rooms between 7:00am and 9:00am. Time to deliver and choice of coffee or tea must be arranged before 8:30pm on arrival date.

d. Room Taxes & Surcharges: A 10% (TOT) Occupancy Room Tax, and a taxable $4.65 per night energy surcharge are charged in addition to room and other charges.

A $4.75 per room per stay surcharge for government regulatory compliance is charged while seasonal rates are in affect.

e. Special Needs Facilities Use Fee: Special needs must be made known prior to making any reservation. Use fees apply to any use of Sugar Pine Ranch equipment and staff. Fees are quoted at the time such needs are identified prior to making reservations. Some uses, such as a pool lift, may require a physician’s approval and Statement of User’s Qualifications to operate a user self-controlled pool lift and to be in an unattended public pool, including the number and qualifications of people required to assist User in and out of the water to complete transfers onto and off of lift, too supervise all water activity, and the appropriateness and suitability of a bench lift only with seat belt, foot rest, and arm rests. A Hold Harmless Agreement is also required for User operated equipment. All users must agree to follow all posted safety rules and assume complete and total liability for equipment use.

2. Check-in: Check-in time at the Ranch is 3:00pm to 9:00pm. All guest must first register to obtain their room key. Same day reservations will not be accepted after 8:00pm. Some exceptions for repeat guests are allowed for late arrival. No check-ins will be taken past 10:30pm.

a. Early Arrival: Early arrivals may register, and obtain room key(s) if currently registered guest(s) are checked-out. The Desk clerk can make arrangements to store bags at the ranch if needed. Use of the guest’s room before check-in time will be allowed only if currently registered guest(s) are checked-out and all housekeeping measures have been completed.

b. Late Arrival: Late arrivals (after 9:00pm) must make arrangements ahead of time by calling Sugar Pine Ranch for confirmation, and to obtain late check-in instructions. No arrivals after 10:30pm please to avoid disrupting sleeping guests, and to avoid getting lost after lights-out on street-side signage. Note: Car navigation and GPS directions on some systems are inaccurate in rural areas. Daylight check-in is recommended.

3. Check-out: Check-out time is not later than 11:00am. Guests wishing to stay later (to use pool or other facilities) must confer with management for possible arrangements.

a. Late Check Out: If you wish to keep your room beyond check-out time, please confer with management for a possible extension and for storage of luggage and other belongings. If the guest room has not been vacated by check-out time and a late check out has not been approved, management reserves the right to apply a late departure fee up to the amount of the nightly room rate.

4. No Smoking Policy: For everyone’s comfort and fire safety – NO SMOKING anywhere on Ranch property is permitted unless an official safe smoking area, clearly marked, has been provided.

a. Smoke Abatement Fee: All guests who smoke in or around their room will be charged $250 and the season’s room rate for each day that the room is unavailable to other guests for smoke abatement and oder quality restoration measures. Please, absolutely no smoking in or around any room, on decks, at the pool, on trails, or any place of public gathering. Public health and wild fire prevention are everyone’s responsibility. Guests responsible for starting wildfires may be held responsible for fire fighting liabilities and other costs.

5. Pets Not Allowed Policy: For the safety of wildlife, pets, and guests – NO PETS are allowed, please.

a. Pet Residue Decontamination Fee: A fee for of evidence of pet residue or when pets are observed in rooms will be charged $350 and the season’s room rate for each day that the room is unavailable to other guests for room clean-up, restoration, and decontamination. Sorry, but this is necessary for the health and safety of other guests.

b. Service Dogs Allowed Policy: Service dogs are allowed by law upon disclosure of the service provided and all special needs disclosed that The Inn at Sugar Pine Ranch are to and can meet. False service dog representations are a crime and may be reported to State authorities. We request service dog disclosure with the reservation request in order to plan for adequate departure housekeeping service. Quests with service dogs are requested to read our service dog Guest Insight newsletter for applicable policies.

6. Room Payment Guarantee Policy: Room reservations must be guaranteed by credit card for a minimum of one night. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, Traveler’s checks and cash. Reservation security and guarantees are for the entire duration of the reservation as subject to the policies herein.

CAUTION: The use of credit cards used to guarantee reservations that expire before departure dates are not allowed.

a. Damage, abuse or Missing Property Fee: Payment guarantee also includes coverage for damage to or abuse of the facilities or property, as well as, missing Inn property that will be charged according to cleaning, repair or replacement costs.

b. Security Deposits: A guest credit card is required to be on file for security deposit if the credit card used to guarantee the reservation does not belong to a guest. Guests using cash or traveler’s checks are required to either present a credit card for use as a security deposit, or deposit twice the room rate in cash for security at check-in. No room will be held/reserved without a security deposit.

c. Cash Only Guests: Guests unable to present a credit card for reservation guarantee or security deposit are required to pay for the reservation in advance 30 days of arrival to guarantee reservation. At check-in there must be on deposit sufficient cash to cover the reservation invoice amount (room, surcharges and taxes) plus the security deposit.

d. Guaranteed Reservation No-Show Fee: The credit card used to guarantee the room/reservation will be charged a processing fee equal to one night’s room rate if the reservation is not cancelled by the cancellation deadline and the guest fails to arrive by check-out time the day after the documented arrival date. A small $25 Guaranteed-Reservation administration fee may also apply. 

7. Online Availability and Reservations: A secure, encrypted server is ready to take your reservation. Click here for reservations. Online requests will be confirmed via email within 24 hours.

8. Cancellations: A reservation may be rescheduled one time without a charge as long as the reservation is not in Prime-time. Late cancellations are charged an administration processing fee, and may be charged a lost revenue fee. Canceling days from a reservation without incurring a fee requires advance notice.

a. Cancellation Administration Fee: $25 administrative processing fee is charged per reserved room for non late cancellations, except first time reschedule for non late cancellations. $35 administration processing fee is charged per reserved room for standard late cancellation with less than 48 hours advance notice. $45 administrative processing fee is charged per reserved room for any cancellation of a rescheduled reservation and for any prime-time late cancellation with less than 15 days advance notice.

b. Standard Late Cancellation Lost Revenue Fee: Cancellation of reservations not in prime time with less than 48 hours advance notice from 6:00pm of the reservation arrival date are considered late cancellations. The full lost revenue room rate (one night rate) is charged for each room reserved unless the room(s) is re-booked/rented for the reservation arrival date. If re-rented, this fee is waived.

c. Prime-time Late Cancellation Lost Revenue Fee: Prime-time bookings apply to all major holiday weekends (New Years, Thanksgiving and Christmas,) prime time holiday weekends (Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day,) group bookings, and special events.

Cancellation of reservations considered prime-time bookings with less than 15 days advance notice from 6:00pm of the reservation arrival date are considered late cancellations. The full lost revenue room rate (one night rate) is charged for each room reserved unless the room(s) is re-booked/rented for the reservation arrival date. If re-rented, this fee is waived.

A deposit may be required for Prime-time reservations, especially for group bookings and special events.

d. Early Departure Late Cancellation Fee: Departures earlier than reserved departure date for stays while seasonal rates are in affect are subject to a minimum charge of one night’s stay per rented room unless a minimum of 24 hours notice is given to Guest Services. The charge will be waived if the guest’s room(s) can be re-rented prior to guest departure. This fee can be waived by management for hardship necessities.

9. Holiday Weekends with 2-Day Minimum Stay Requirement: Thirteen weekends per year are key holiday weekends, requiring a minimum 2-night stay. This requirement may be waved due to prevailing or special circumstances. Contact Guest Services for policy confirmation and possible exceptions to the 2-night minimum requirement.

The 2-night minimum is met with a Friday-Saturday, Saturday-Sunday, or Sunday-Monday reservation, with the exception of holidays that fall on a Thursday or Tuesday. A 2-night Thursday-Friday, or Monday-Tuesday stay also meets the 2-night minimum depending on the holiday.

10. Lost Room Key Fee: A $50.00 security maintenance fee will be charged per key for lost keys at check-out time or when a replacement key is requested. For keys left in rooms after check-out, the fee will be charged the next day after check-out if housekeeping was unable to locate the room key on the check-out day. A lost key charge refund will be issued to guests charged for lost key(s) returned within two weeks of guest departure for key(s) found and returned to Sugar Pine Ranch, Guest Services, 21250 State Hwy 120, Groveland, CA 95321.

11. Over-the-top Room and Laundry Cleaning Fee: A fee of $50 will be charged for extreme room and laundry cleaning requirements exceeding normal and customary use. Replacement costs will be charged for room towels or wash clothes used as cleaning rags or permanently stained.

a. Pool Towels: Pool towels are available poolside. Please leave room towels in the room.

12. Special Events & Group Bookings: We do not plan or take responsibility for putting together events or group activities. Our facilities are available for such, but we require a coordinator or planner to take responsibility for making arrangements. We work with coordinators and planners to ready our facilities, and to direct and facilitate onsite logistics as required. We assist during the events or activities with manpower, knowledge of our facilities required to keep activity running smoothly, parking, and security. Normally, hosting special events or activities requires booking the entire facility. Arrangements should be addressed well in advance.

13. Right to Refuse Service: We reserve the right to refuse service or accommodations to anyone that in our judgement is or may disrespect our guests, our property, or our personnel.

a. Property Use: Our property is for the exclusive use of our guests only. Visitors are not allowed on property or in rooms without advance notice and management’s prior approval, inclusive of a guest’s guarantee to make payment of any applicable fees or charges they may incur.