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sugar pine ranch detailed policies


Room reservations are guaranteed by credit card, and confirmed by email or paper copy. Credit card expiration dates must be good through the entire reservation. Advance notice is required prior to check-in in the event the credit card on file expires or is discontinued by the issuer; in which case, a valid credit card must be provided to replace the inactive card in order to avoid cancellation fees. Upon arrival at check-in the full amount to cover the entire reservation, minus any deposits, will be charged to the credit card.

    Credit Cards accepted:  American Express, Diner’s Club, Discover Card, Master Card and Visa (debit only cards are not accepted.)

    Cash reservations by Traveler’s Checks and/or by check or cash  must be paid in full at least 45 days in advance, plus a security deposit equal to the lesser amount of the reservation total or $350.

    Rescheduling a reservation is allowed one time without charge with at least 14 days notice of  arrival date. A subsequent reschedule will be charged a $25 dollar rescheduling fee. Reservations may only be rescheduled twice with at least 14 days notice of arrival date without being treated as a late cancellation. Changing your reservation after your initial reservation may affect the rate and/or availability of rooms.

    Two day minimum weekend stay is required: Thursday-Friday, Friday-Saturday, or Saturday-Sunday, except when only one of these days (Friday or Saturday) is available, and also on nationally-observed holidays.

    Three day minimum Major-holiday stay is required for News Years, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, on either side of the holiday, or including the holiday.

RATES (all charges are in USD – and subject to change)

Room rates vary from $99 to $267 per room night depending on guest time of booking. Rates are based on double occupancy, except for Cottage 5 and Unit 8, and include a light continental breakfast in season.

    Cottage 5 and Unit 8 Rates allow for 4 people in Cottage 5 and 3 people in Unit 8 to keep family cost down.

    Extra guest charges are $15.00 per night for guests under 12 years old, and $20.00 per night for guests 12 years and older. Only Country Cottage 4, Family Cottage 5, and Unit 8 accommodate extra persons.

    Room tax or Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) of 10% is added to guest room charges

    Continental breakfast is brought to the guest’s room beginning May 21st through September 16th, at no additional charge, between 7:00am and 9:00am. Time to deliver and choice of coffee or tea must be arranged before 8:30pm on day of arrival or the day before changing a choice.


Deposits are made at the time of booking, and are required to secure a reservation. Deposits may or may not include the 10% room tax. Reservations made with a lead time of more than 14 days prior to arrival are 50% of the reservation. One night reservations made within 14 days are 100% of the reservation.

    Security deposits are required to guarantee reservations and check in. A guest credit card is required to be on file if the credit card used to guarantee the reservation does not belong to the guest. (see Cash reservations under RESERVATIONS)

    Deposit returns depend on the timing of reservation cancellation and the recovery of lost room rents. (See the cancellations policy below)


Guests are responsible for all accommodations charges unless cancellation is made outside of 30 days prior to their scheduled arrival. In which case, guests will receive a full refund. If a guest cancels outside the 14 days prior to arrival, but less than 30 days, the full deposit will be refunded less a $30 cancellation administration fee. Bookings made within 14 days are firm.

    Late cancellation, that is a cancellation 14 or fewer days prior to the reserved arrival date, can have a serious impact on our small Inn, and affect our Inn significantly. Therefore, we must hold the guest responsible for the entire cost of the reservation, plus a $30 cancellation administration fee, unless we are able to re-book/re-rent some or all of the rooms reserved. If rooms do re-book/re-rent the guest will be charged for the entire reservation cost minus rooms re-rented, plus the $30 administration fee, minus any refund due.

    Late arrivals and early departures are not refunded, and no cancellation administration fee will be charged.

    Trip insurance should be considered to cover cancellations or trip interruptions. Several providers can be found on the internet, such as We will make every effort to re-rent cancelled guest rooms and to minimize cancellation charges.


Guests not showing up for their reservation on their arrival date will be charged the same as a late cancellation. Charges will be processed after 11:00a.m. the next day. No-show rooms will return to available inventory status after 11:00a.m. the day after the arrival day, and may not be available for occupancy by the no-show guest per their reservation. (See CANCELLATIONS, Late cancellation)


All guest must first register to obtain their room key.

    Check-in time at the Ranch is 3:00pm to 9:00pm.

    Early arrivals may register, and obtain room key(s) if currently registered guest(s) are checked-out. The Desk clerk can make arrangements to store guest items at the ranch if needed. Use of the guest’s room before check-in time will be allowed only if currently registered guest(s) are checked-out and all housekeeping measures have been completed.

    Late arrivals (after 9:00pm) must make arrangements ahead of time by calling Sugar Pine Ranch 209-962-7823 for confirmation, and to obtain late check-in instructions. Arrivals after 10:00pm are discouraged to avoid disrupting sleeping guests, and to avoid getting lost after lights-out on street-side signage. (Note: Car navigation and GPS directions on some systems are inaccurate in rural areas. Night time travel can be guess work. We recommend checking in during day light hours.)

    Check-out time is not later than 11:00am. Guests wishing to stay later (to use pool or other facilities) must confer with management for possible arrangements.

    Late check out after 11:00am must be cleared with the front office, and may incur an additional fee. If you wish to keep your room beyond check-out time, please confer with management for a possible extension and for storage of luggage and other belongings.

    Unauthorized delays in agreed-to departure permits us to enter your rom, remove your belongings, perform housekeeping, re-key the door, and let incoming guest occupy the room. Such eviction may incur fees for storage and security maintenance.


Various restrictions must be adhered to for the protection of property, the safety of others, domestic animals, wildlife and the environment, and too maintain a quiet and peaceful atmosphere for all our guests.

    No infants or children under 3 years old are allowed at Sugar Pine Ranch for the safety, guest peace-of-mind, and the welfare of the children. (See RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE) Well supervised children 3 years and older are welcome.

    No Smoking is allowed anywhere on Sugar Pine Ranch property unless a safe smoking area has been provided by management for guest use only. The guest rooms, pool, common and parking areas, decks and balconies – both public and private, as well as the grounds and trails of our Inn are smoke-free areas. (See POLICY FEES/CHARGES, Smoking abatement charge)

    No pets are allowed at Sugar Pine Ranch for the safety of guests, wildlife, and pets – ours and the guest’s. (See POLICY FEES/CHARGES, Pet residue decontamination charge)

    Maximum room occupancies are for fire safety, and are strictly enforced – NO EXCEPTIONS.  Cottages 1, 2 and 3, plus Unit 9 are 2 people maximum. Country Cottage 4 is 3 people max. Family Cottage 5 is 5 people max, except is 6 people max when 2 of the guests are small children. Unit 8 is 4 people maximum.

Sleeping on the floor or in make-shift or port-a-crib beds is not allowed. (See RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE) (Note: children are considered people.) Late cancellation fees apply if these limits are exceeded, and we are forced to refuse service. (See CANCELLATION – Late cancellation)


Fees are charged for certain services such as returning items left in rooms or extra housekeeping.

    Inordinate cleaning fee is $50 charged for extreme room and laundry cleaning requirements exceeding normal and customary use.

    Packaging and handling charge is $10 for packaging guest items left behind, and taking them to the local postal service, plus the actual cost to ship the package to the guest’s chosen location. (Every effort will be made to contact the guest as soon as items are found.)


Fees are charged for actions taken by guests that create significant expense not covered by room rates charges. These fees are either charged at the time of check-out, or when they are discovered after check-out.

    Damage, abuse, or missing property charges are covered under the reservation or security deposit guarantee. The guest is responsible for any and all property damages and special cleaning fees for excessive cleaning that result from negligence or carelessness of the property. The credit card on file (or cash deposit) will be charged the needed fee/costs to cover cleaning, repair, and/or replacement costs for damage to or abuse of the facilities or property, as well as, missing Inn property connected with the guest’s stay. Under this policy the guest is agreeing to cover the amount needed to resolve the damage or loss.

    Lost room key charge is $50 per lost or non-returned key as a security maintenance and lost key fob charge. It is charged at check-out time or when a replacement key is requested. For keys left in room not found by housekeeping, a lost key fee will be billed the next day. (Every effort will be made to contact the guest as soon as we find the key missing.)

    Lost key charge refund will be issued to the guest charged if the key is returned within two weeks of guest departure to Sugar Pine Ranch, 21250 State Hwy 120, Groveland, CA 95321 – Attention: Guest Services.

    Pet residue decontamination charge is $350 per contaminated room, plus season room rate charges for each day that the room is unavailable for rent. It is for pet room residue clean-up and decontamination necessary for the health and safety of our other guests renting the contaminated room(s).

    Smoking abatement charge is $250 per contaminated room, plus season room rate charges for each day that the room is unavailable for rent. It is for smoke abatement and odor quality restoration measures, and will be charged to guests of the rented room(s) where smoking is observed or when smoking residue is detected by housekeeping services.

Please, absolutely no smoking in or around any room, on decks, at the pool, on trails, or any place of public gathering on ranch property. Smoking is prohibited to avoid unhealthy air quality and potential wildfires and the devastation they cause.


The pool is for our registered guests only. Use by anyone else requires permission and a non-guest visitor pass from Sugar Pine Ranch staff, and such visiting guest use is limited to be concurrent with the registered guest use.

    Pool rules are for the safety of all users. All pool users are required to familiarize themselves with posted pool rules, and to comply with those rules at all times. There is NO life guard on duty, and children are to be supervised at all times.

    Horse-play and loud noise are not permitted. We do not allow CD/DVD players, streaming audio, iPods or radios anywhere unless you are using earbuds. This rule applies to the entire ranch facility.

    Pool hours are from 9:00am until 10:00pm, unless other arrangements are made.

    Requirement to maintain pool water quality is everyone’s responsibility. Please encourage children to use the restroom not the pool. Anyone with or exhibiting diarrhea is not allowed in the pool area or more importantly in the water or sitting on the deck area or along side the pool edge. Any bodily discharges into the pool are to be reported to management IMMEDIATELY!  PLEASE shower before  pool use.


This property is privately owned. We reserve the right to refuse service or accommodations to anyone that, in our judgement, could result in disrespect for our guests, our property, or our personnel. We have the right to refuse service for violation of our health and safety policies, such as showing up with a child under 3 years old, or there being more people than our maximum room occupancy limit for the room reserved.


We are not responsible for accidents, injuries, thefts, vandalism, or loss of money, jewelry, or valuables of any kind. Please ensure you take appropriate precautions. We are not responsible for items left behind.


Any personal information we collect is strictly for booking and payment purposes only. We do not share your information with anyone. Personal information is encrypted so that it cannot be read over the internet. For a detailed copy of our privacy policy click the following link: