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Yosemite Area Attractions

The Yosemite National Park -and- Sierra Nevada Mountain areas are rich in history, attractions and events. They are particularly attractive for people that seek the beauty and grander of nature in its finest wonder. Nowhere is more spectacular then Yosemite Park for attractions. Many attractions bring out our humble nature by their immense size and vast expanse, while others step the visitor back in time – pinning tree rings of giant sequoia’s, thousands of years old, to events in ancient history – really, older than Clea Patria? Before the Egyptian pyramids, you say?

Naturalist and artists, like John Muir and Ansel Adams, and still today the Yosemite enthusiast of our generation, cannot do enough to underscore this majestic place. This is why so many people visit. This is why so many people who have been here, time, and time again, come back.

Equally compelling for so many Sierra Nevada Mountain visitors is America’s Wild West history and stories. Visitors can adventure back in time in preserved gold mining era towns, Groveland, Jamestown, Sonora, and preserved parks Columbia and Bodie State Parks. Visiting local attractions bridges the enterprising and ancestral past into the present of unique wildland/urban life in America.

Consider visiting Railtown 1897, apple farms and vineyards, museums, a rodeo, horse and buggy parades, horseback riding, antique, classic car and hotrod show; live theater, outdoor concerts, and river rafting… The greater Yosemite area is unique, fun, educational, and real life entertainment.

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