Happy Holidays!! From Sugar Pine Ranch

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Happy Holidays!! From Sugar Pine Ranch

As we approach the end of the year,

We would like to say thanks to all of our guests so dear.

We are grateful for your smiles, your laughs, and good cheer,

Your patronage has made us thankful we chose this career.

And to thank you from us to you.

We hope we can be of service again in your future, we do.

We love our job, we do, through and through,

May all of your dreams and wishes come true.

As the cold weather approaches and the leaves fall away,

There will always be a bed here for you, our friends, to stay,

A comfortable pillow for your head to lay.

For your good health and safety we pray.

You are only a stranger here but once you are,

Just let the night sky lead you, follow the star.

If you crave Yosemite Park no matter how close or how far,

We are easy to reach by car.

Thank you again for making another year a magical one!!