About Us

The Inn at Sugar Pine Ranch, or just Sugar Pine Ranch, is a family business operated by Craig and Elaine Maxwell. The 62 acre ranch in California is due east of San Francisco, just 22 miles from Yosemite National Park, and 3.5 miles from the gold rush town of Groveland on State Highway 120.

The ranch is open all year, except during periods of extremely cold weather in January and February. Check with reservations for availability.

Brief History

Named Peri Ranch in the late 1800’s, the property supplied  timber to an on-site lumber mill and other nearby mills. Before being settled, a portion of the extensive Golden Rock Water Ditch was constructed through the ranch, which lead to a demonstration orchard of fruit trees on the ranch. The ditch became a key infrastructure for drinking water and water for mining, and agriculture. Various companies and entrepreneurs raised money to keep the ditch flowing. This led to the 1911 acquisition of the ranch by the Yosemite Power Company, which became their headquarters. In 1946, the ranch was acquired by Edith and T. Wesley Osborne, who renamed it Sugar Pine Ranch. They continued the tradition of hospitality services, which operated informally, off and on, from around the time that the 2-story farm house structure was build in 1901-03. The Maxwell’s acquired the ranch in 1995, and after rehabilitation opened The Inn at Sugar Pine Ranch.

The Maxwell’s recognized the ranch as an important historic asset, and have acted to preserve it for greater community good — and for visitor and future generation appreciation.

The Maxwell’s invite area visitors to explore their Web site, SugarPineRanch.com, to see the many ways they can be of service. Should you like to speak with a real person that knows the Yosemite area and how best to help you plan your visit, please call 209-962-7823.


Osborne’s motto – “where the traveler is a stranger but once.”